Chicago Roof Leak Repair

Chicago Roof Leak Repair. When you live in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, you come to understand that the weather is unpredictable at best, malicious at worst. This tendency toward unexpected and nasty weather gives an entirely new element of concern when discussing even the smallest roof leaks. Even a small leak can seriously damage your home and may even lead to mold growth. With the prevalence of mold horror stories in the media, homeowners should take this threat extremely seriously.

Chicago Flat Roof Company specializes in assisting homeowners and business owners with roof leaks of all shapes and sizes. Our intensive, thorough inspection process will uncover any further damage that may not be immediately recognizable from a simple surface observation. We know how important these inspections are to identifying and fixing a leak, so we offer them completely free of charge before any repairs are undertaken.

One of Chicago Flat Roof Company’s highly-trained technicians will check the inside and outside of your roofing for damage and offer a full explanation of all of their findings. Before offering an estimate for repairs, we’ll always spend however much time you need to completely grasp what’s wrong and what we’ll do to fix it. Again, the estimate is free of charge and we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job we do. If there are continuing issues, we’ll come back out and handle it at no cost to you. That’s our promise to the good people who trust us with their biggest investment.

Roof Leak Repairs Are Our Specialty

Any property owner knows that every second that passes while the roof is leaking means another dollar going right down the drain. Chicago Flat Roof Company can have a skilled technician to you within four hours. That’s the fastest service around and all of our technicians have been thoroughly vetted by our management for your added security. You and your family are safe while we’re on the property – guaranteed.

Chicago Flat Roof Company is pleased to offer our estimates free of charge, but if you need Rush Service we’ll bill you according to how fast you need us to arrive. Once on the scene, and our inspection is complete, we’ll provide an estimate for service which will come at the Rush Service cost. However, if accepted, we will reduce the Rush Service fee by half. That’s right – 50% off if you choose to proceed with the work.

Roof Leak Repair

We have many years of experience with all types of residential roofing systems and carry the finest products backed by the industry’s best warranties. Our technicians are specially-trained to install and repair our entire range of products.

Roofing doesn’t have to be difficult. Just call Chicago Flat Roof Company and let the all-around roofing experts handle it – plus it’s 100% guaranteed.

  • Experienced Crews & Affordable Rates.
  • Courteous & Respectful Staff – Both In-Office & Onsite.
  • Prompt & Efficient Service at Every Turn.
  • Licensed & Insured for Your Peace of Mind.
  • Free Inspections & Estimates for Every Project.

So, pick up the phone and call (312) 667-4440 today to speak with one of our talented, friendly staff about your roof work. You’ll see why people all over Chicago choose Chicago Flat Roof Company over all the rest.

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