24/7 Emergency Roof Service


24/7 Emergency Roof Service

We have many years of experience with all types of residential roofing systems and carry the finest products backed by the industry’s best warranties. Our technicians are specially-trained to install and repair our entire range of products.

Roofing doesn’t have to be difficult. Just call Chicago Flat Roof Company and let the all-around roofing experts handle it – plus it’s 100% guaranteed.

  • Experienced Crews & Affordable Rates.
  • Courteous & Respectful Staff – Both In-Office & Onsite.
  • Prompt & Efficient Service at Every Turn.
  • Licensed & Insured for Your Peace of Mind.
  • Free Inspections & Estimates for Every Project.

15+ Years of Experience

Family owned and operated for more than 15 years, Chicago Flat Roof Company has been serving the commercial, industrial, and residential roofing needs of clients all across Chicago and Northwest Indiana.  Chicago Flat Roof Company offers quality installation of single-ply roofing, TPO roofing, and EPDM roofing systems.

All it takes for the best residential roofing service in Chicago is one call to Chicago Flat Roof Company. We’re waiting to assist you.

Preferred Contractor Status

Chicago Flat Roof Company, unlike so many other local roofers, holds Preferred Contractor status with Gerard Metal Roofing. This status stands as certification that we’re completely authorized to install their products and extend their Limited Lifetime Warranty to our customers.

You get our in-house Five-Year Workmanship Warranty on top of the Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you’re protected in two ways. That’s a win-win.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Chicago Flat Roof Company provides exceptional roofing and exterior services in all of the major roofing categories and building types. We give our clients a great product, with great installation, at a fair and honest price, and we stand behind everything we do 100%.

Our commitment to the customer means offering the right choice and the best value – the first time, every time. Call Chicago Flat Roof Company today.

Chicago Flat Roof Company’s - 24/7 Emergency Roof Service

24 hours a day. That’s when we’re there for you. 7 days a week. That’s when you know we’re on call. 365 days a year. When you need help, no matter what time of day or night, we’ll be there for you with just one call. That’s the kind of roofing company you can believe in to do the professional work you need at the prices you can trust to be honest and straightforward. That’s Chicago Flat Roof Company. Plus, we’ll never be anything but friendly and efficient while on your property. That’s a promise from us to you.

The “Middle of the Night” Emergency

The fact is, most emergencies seem to have a mind of their own and decide to show themselves at the worst possible moment – usually the middle of the night. This is normal for our crews, so don’t feel bad about needing help at 3:00 A.M. because it’s more common than you might imagine. In cases of inclement weather, there may be a great many people in the same boat you are, and they’ll be calling Chicago Flat Roof Company as well. Why? That’s simple. We’re the finest emergency response team you’ll find in Chicagoland with all of the tools and experience to handle whatever your roof throws at them in a minimum amount of time and with the least amount of intrusion we can manage. Once we’re finished, you can go right back to dreaming of nights when your roof didn’t show its ugly side.

The “Party Starts in an Hour” Emergency

Believe it or not, and this is more proof that emergencies are not very nice, many calls we receive come from people who were all ready to host an event only to find that their roof has sprung a leak. Never fear, this is our area of expertise and we can quickly and efficiently patch the leak with a temporary repair in order to not intrude on your festivities, or we can fix it entirely on the spot and you’ll be good to go for your big night. It really depends upon what our team finds when they get on your roof, so making the call is the most important thing. That number is (312) 667-4440 and our staff is standing by to take your call – no matter when it comes in.

The “Waterfall in My Living Room” Emergency

Unfortunately, sometimes roofing emergencies happen because of serious failures in the structure itself. A collapse or shift in the walls or roofing can create serious problems for the occupants of the structure and could, if the damage is substantial, even represent a significant danger to safety. In situations like this, where serious damage has occurred, it may be necessary to vacate the premises until the problem is inspected fully and all damage is identified. Once the extent of the damage is known, a plan of repair can be formulated and pricing communicated to your insurance company. We, of course, will ensure that the opening created by the breakdown of structural integrity is sealed temporarily to minimize further damage. Don’t worry, our crews will work quickly to ensure your safety and do their best to accommodate your wishes every step of the way.

Emergencies Happen – 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

It doesn’t matter how big or how small, how early or late, when an emergency happens related to your roofing, there’s just one number you need to know (312) 667-4440. That’s the emergency response line for the Chicago Flat Roof Company and don’t be afraid to use it. Every second you wait could be more damage done and money lost. Our team is ready to help at any time of day or night and our work is guaranteed.