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Siding Repair & Replacement Services

We have many years of experience with all types of roofing systems and carry the finest products backed by the industry’s best warranties. Our technicians are specially-trained to install and repair our entire range of products.

Roofing doesn’t have to be difficult. Just call Chicago Flat Roof Company and let the all-around roofing experts handle it – plus it’s 100% guaranteed.

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15+ Years of Experience

Family owned and operated for more than 15 years, Chicago Flat Roof Company has been serving the commercial, industrial, and residential roofing needs of clients all across Chicago and Northwest Indiana.  Chicago Flat Roof Company offers quality installation of single-ply roofing, TPO roofing, and EPDM roofing systems.

All it takes for the best residential roofing service in Chicago is one call to Chicago Flat Roof Company. We’re waiting to assist you.

Preferred Contractor Status

Chicago Flat Roof Company, unlike so many other local roofers, holds Preferred Contractor status with Gerard Metal Roofing. This status stands as certification that we’re completely authorized to install their products and extend their Limited Lifetime Warranty to our customers.

You get our in-house Five-Year Workmanship Warranty on top of the Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you’re protected in two ways. That’s a win-win.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Chicago Flat Roof Company provides exceptional roofing and exterior services in all of the major roofing categories and building types. We give our clients a great product, with great installation, at a fair and honest price, and we stand behind everything we do 100%.

Our commitment to the customer means offering the right choice and the best value – the first time, every time. Call Chicago Flat Roof Company today.

Chicago Flat Roof Company - Chicago Siding Repair & Replacement

When you need siding for your home, if you’re like most people, your thoughts don’t immediately jump to roofing contractors for service and, frankly, that’s unfortunate because Chicago Flat Roof Company is the premier siding contractor in all of Chicagoland. No matter where you are in the Chicago Metro Area, our experienced, professional siding team will come to your property and answer all of your questions about materials, costs, and timetables. We’ll give you recommendations based on what we find and always stand behind our work 100%. If you’re unsure about your next steps, or even what product or material to use – vinyl, cement, wood, aluminum, and on and on – then call us before you make any decision. We’ll make sure it’s an educated one.

The Premier Chicago Siding Contractor

Siding does far more than beautify your home. It protects the interior from the ravages of Chicago weather and ensures your energy bills stay within reason thanks to its insulation value. Yes, siding is a great option – no matter the type you choose. The options for color and style are endless, giving homeowners a limitless range of choices and that’s before the materials are even discussed. From vinyl to wood, the selections available, and their tremendous durability and curb appeal, will add years to your home’s lifetime and keep you worry-free for the duration.

Siding Types – Wood Siding

If you currently own, or are thinking of purchasing, a home with wood siding, you’re probably a fan of older structures with some real character and history. That’s where you find the most wood siding in use – traditional architecture. It takes quite a bit more maintenance and care to keep wood siding in working order, so it’s usually replaced with a vinyl or aluminum siding during the structure’s lifetime making original wood a rarity in Chicago. Chicago Flat Roof Company offers a wide selection of wood siding in a range of styles, textures, and finishes. While it’s a beautiful way to enclose a home, there are some very serious dangers that have to be avoided to maintain the aesthetic and functional value of the wood – including insects, moisture, rot, and warping. Without regular staining, replacement of trouble boards, and constant monitoring, your wood siding – be they planks or clapboards – won’t stay healthy for very long. Partnering with professionals, like the ones at Chicago Flat Roof Company, can help extend that lifetime for years with regular maintenance, so make the call to work with the area’s best wood siding contractor.

Siding Types – Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has become more and more popular over the years due to its incredible durability and low maintenance costs. Aluminum siding is applied to your home in strips with both the top and bottom sealed to prevent moisture entry. It comes in every imaginable color and can be installed both horizontally and vertically. With aluminum siding, there’s no need to paint and it’s relatively inexpensive for traditional aluminum. The modern vinyl-coated siding cuts the noise and denting down to a minimum, but costs a bit more to purchase and install. Chicago Flat Roof Company’s knowledgeable staff is happy to discuss the benefits of modern aluminum siding with you, so give us a call today at (312) 667-4440 to learn more about it.

Siding Types – Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding was introduced after aluminum and aimed to solve some of the issues found with the older materials. In many ways, vinyl is the best solution available for encasing the outside of your home. It’s relatively inexpensive, it seals well against moisture, and it doesn’t need to be painted. Easily America’s most-used siding material, vinyl siding can be found in all states and all climates. Its one weakness is cold impacts. As with many modern materials, extreme cold can cause it to become brittle and crack when struck. When damage is done, the only real remedy is new siding to cover the spot. That’s another reason vinyl is the material of choice – cheap replacement. So, if you’re in the market for vinyl siding, call the premier vinyl siding contractor in all of Illinois – Chicago Flat Roof Company.

Siding Types – Cement Siding

It may sound strange and be difficult to envision, but cement siding is the new “green” siding alternative and it’s sweeping the nation. Made from recycled materials, cement siding is incredibly durable and can be molded to take on the texture and appearance of nearly any material you can imagine – including wood. It also lends itself to unique design elements to be included since it can be molded in almost any shape. Cement siding won’t ever rot, be damaged by insects, or suffer from moisture of any kind. It’s easy to install and nearly indestructible – which is awesome – but that durability and lifespan comes with a cost. Cement siding can be the most expensive option available, yet homeowners have to take the long view and realize it’s probably cheaper over the lifetime of your structure. Call us today to speak with a cement siding specialist and learn all the ways it can make your home a better place to live.

Are you looking for wood siding in Chicago? Vinyl or composite siding? Masonry? If you’re already confused, don’t worry. Chicago Flat Roof Company has the experts who’ll take the time to explain everything before you buy. Call us today at (312) 667-4440 to learn more.